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“Hating Obama” a documentary written and directed by Marquis Smalls.

Hating Obama takes a thought provoking look at the hatred received by President Barack Obama while asking the central question: Is President Obama hated for his policies or because he’s black?



How we got here:
While in Atlanta, I applied for a documentary editing project.   A little later, I got a call from a gentleman named Marquis Smalls who was the Director of the film and would like to meet.  A day or so later we found ourselves drinking coffee together and getting to know each other.  Marquis was a very kind, knowledgeable and thoughtful person.  I felt like we hit it off and Marquis liked that I had a lot of agency, promotional editing and graphic design/animation experience to spice up his film.  I was hired a few days later.

On a hot day in mid-June, Marquis and I reported to our post-production duties in a northern Smyrna facility.  I found myself with over 30 interviews totaling more than 40 hours of footage.  Our post-supervisor, Charles Isaiah Lemons had all our interviews organized in the Avid all synced up and ready to go. Within the first two days, I noticed Marquis had a tremendous memory, excellent direction and was very comfortable with the content.  I, on the other hand, was behind because I haven’t seen any of the footage.  Marquis was very patient with me as I got acclimated.  We also had a fantastic supportive team at Moguldom Studios with production manager Wesley Baynes, producer Catina Jones, associate producer/researcher Adelin Gasanar and executive producer Brett Dismuke.

About two months later Marquis had his documentary and we were very proud of the work.  In September, Hating Obama had it’s world premiere at Urban World Film Festival 2014.  Less than a year later, Moguldom Studios penned a deal to air Hating Obama on the Starz network for an entire year.

Working with Marquis Smalls was an absolute joy; I learned a lot from him, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with on my first documentary. After completing Hating Obama, Marquis had another doc in the pipeline he wanted my assistance on, and I couldn’t wait as my role would grow.

Marquis is a gifted writer/director with a distinct point of view. You can learn more about Marquis at streetdreamsfilms.com