Post-Production Supervisor and Colorist

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The watch now link above is an interview with Vandon Gibbs discussing his process and they show his full short film "Moments".

"Moments" a 22 minute short film written and directed by Vandon Gibbs.

Two strangers discuss love, life and relationships after having a one night stand.



How we got here:
I first met Vandon Gibbs in an “Audio for Film” class in 2012 at SCAD, Savannah College of Arts and Design in Atlanta. We instantly hit it off and I was impressed with his movie knowledge. 

In 2013, Vandon asked for my help in color grading and project managing his short film called “Moments”. I was happy to join his team. This short was filmed on a Canon 5D Mark 2, one of the first compact pro DSLR cameras.  The biggest challenges included: recordings stopped at about 7 minutes and the sensor had challenges in dark areas. Although the shots were well composed by director of photography, Robert Halliday, the camera sensor had a couple of drawbacks that needed help in post. I used the color grading software Adobe Speedgrade CC and was able to pull out some of the speckles in the darker areas and graded the entire short film.  Besides being a very talented writer/director, Vandon is also a fantastic editor. He nailed the edit on the first cut he shared with me.  A high note for "Moments" was being an official selection to SCAD's aTVfest in 2014.  

Vandon loves what he does and it shows in every aspect of his work.  He treats every person in his production from assistants to his actors as his partners.  He wants to know what everyone sees so that he can make the best possible decisions.  It's impressive to watch him in action.

Vandon has gone on to write and direct his first full length feature film Solace in 2013, which is a beautiful story, great dialogue, high drama, and realistic great film. Solace won the 2013 Cinequest Film Festival – Best Feature Drama. Vandon has picked up a handful of screenwriting awards for his writing abilities from PAGE, Cinequest, Austin Film Festival, ISA, Academy Nicholl Fellowship, Script Pipeline and others.

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